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Your service package for IWA OutdoorClassic 2023

  • Exclusive second display of your new product for EUR 270 net (incl. decoration and labeling).
  • Online presentation of your company at in the section “Exhibitors & Products”, as well as at the “Programme” website.
  • At the fair ground in a special exhibition the product description will be displayed as a printed version in one language (english language will be prefered).
  • Marking in Exhibition Guide.

Legal notice:

Please note that you are solely responsible for the information and other materials you provide for your entry in the exhibitor and product database, in particular images (materials). You must therefore ensure that the materials are free of third-party rights. By sending us the materials, you indemnify us against all claims made by third parties in relation to the materials sent. Therefore, please also check the materials already sent to us.

  • Exhibitor

    Fields marked with * are mandatory.
  • Contact on site

  • Who will be the contact person (for problems, etc.)?
  • Product presentation

  • Please send us your company logo for the presentation at the exhibition. We also need a picture of the product for preparation purposes.

    The logo and product image will also be displayed in your online entry in the exhibitor and product database.

    If you are currently unable to submit a product image, please send this subsequently to

    Format: jpg or png
    Minimum size: 150 x 150 Pixel; 72/96 dpi
    Maximum size: 1500 x 1500 Pixel; 72/96 dpi

    (If possible in quadratic form and white background)

    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
  • Please tell us the name of your product identical as used at the online exhibitor and product database. Up to 150 characters including spaces are allowed.
  • Up to 150 characters including spaces are allowed.
  • Describe your product in max. 420 characters (inkl. blanks) for each language 
(Text will be placed on site by your product):
  • Describe your product in max. 420 characters (inkl. blanks). Text will be placed on site by your product.
  • Delivery options

  • Product dimensions

  • Please enter only the weight in the form field - no weight unit such as kg or g
  • Questions

  • Further information on data protection can be found here.

Conditions for Participation New Product Center

1. What is a new product?

A product that was launched on the market after IWA OutdoorClassics 2022 or will be introduced to the market at IWA OutdoorClassics 2023.

2. Criterion for participation

Participation is restricted solely to exhibitors registered for IWA OutdoorClassics 2023 , who are the manufacturer or exclusive seller of the registered product. A definition of admissible and inadmissible products is given at Item 2.1 and 2.2.
Please note that only a limited number of new products can be displayed at the special show. If the number of applications received exceeds the number of spaces available, the products will be selected according to the date of receipt of applications. We regret that applications received after 20.01.2023 can no longer be accepted.

2.1 Admissible exhibits

a. Arms and products that conform to the specified product groups and the theme of IWA OutdoorClassics as a trade fair for hunting and sporting guns, equipment for classic outdoor activities and security equipment.

b. Airsoft guns that resemble fully automatic military weapons (the models must not be shown as working fully automatic firing versions).

2.2 Inadmissible exhibits

a. “Prohibited arms and articles” (as per German Firearms Act). The Federal Criminal Investigation Office will not grant a special license for presentation in the New Product Center.
b. Military weapons as defined by the Military Weapons Control Act (German KrWaffKontrG)
c. Fully automatic firearms that are not military weapons; as stated above, firearms for this purpose also include other types of fully automatic firing airsoft, air, spring-operated and CO2 guns and, if applicable, blank, gas and signal guns too.
d. Military weapons rendered unusable, especially fully automatic military weapons that have been modified to decorative weapons.
e. Parts of military weapons rendered unusable.

3. Presentation
  • All new products are displayed at the special show. The display space is allocated exclusively by the company appointed for stand decoration.
  • Visitors can view the presentation close up.
  • Your new product is presented with a display card, which is arranged by NürnbergMesse GmbH and labeled with the details taken from your catalog entry.
  • There will be no power connection avaiable at the New Product Center.
  • Participating companies will be specifically highlighted in the Exhibition Guide.
  • Online, the participating companies will be named in the exhibitor and product database ( at „Special Shows“, as well as on our „Programme“ website.
4. Delivery

To DB Schenker

The products to be displayed must be delivered to the forwarding agent DB Schenker by 24.02.2023.

Delivery address
Schenker Deutschland AG
c/o New Product Center IWA Messezentrum
90471 Nürnberg

IMPORTANT: Please state sender, stand number and product!
Later deliveries, deliveries lost in the post or deliveries with no reference to the purpose of use have no right to a display space. The registration fees cannot be refunded.

To New Product Center
Products brought by exhibitors themselves must be delivered to the New Product Center in hall 6 by not later than 12:00 on 01.03.2023. Suitable decoration can no longer be guaranteed if products are received after this deadline. The application fees cannot be refunded.

5. Collection of products displayed

The new products displayed can be collected from the New Product Center between 17:00 and 18:00 on Sunday, 05.03.2023.
Please bring your business card with you.

If your product requires customs declaration, the return shipment will also be arranged by Schenker Deutschland AG.
Please note that any new products not collected by this time cannot be returned.

6. Security

The special show is guarded 24 hours a day. Despite organized security and attendants, the possibility of theft cannot be excluded.

7. Liability, insurance

The organizer is liable only for damage caused by it or its vicarious agents intentionally or by gross negligence and for damage leading to death, physical injury, and harm to health. It assumes no liability for damage to the product caused by visitors. The conclusion of an exhibitor’s insurance policy is recommended.

8. Industrial property rights

Your attention is drawn to the possibility of protecting your new product against copying for 6 months. Exhibition priority has been requested from the Federal Ministry of Justice. The priority certificate secures certain industrial property rights until registration at a patent office in Germany and abroad. Please contact the exhibition team during the event.

9. Fees

The stand space for a product costs EUR 270 net.
If customs clearance is necessary by Schenker Deutschland AG, an additional handling fee will be charged. This fee corresponds to the official fair ground tariff. Only one product may be displayed in each stand space.

10. Withdrawal of application

If the exhibitor withdraws his application or does not take part in the New Product Center, the organizer is entitled to use the rented stand space for other purposes and hire it out to a third party.
If the exhibitor does not possess any legally compelling right of withdrawal or termination, the exhibitor remains obliged to pay a cancellation fee as follows in the event of cancellation or partial cancellation:

  • No cancellation fee is payable for cancellation up to 3. 2. 2023.
  • 100 % of the cancellation fee is payable for cancellation after 4. 2. 2023.